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Registration for Intro to Scratch and Alice - Sept 11, 2010

  1. Dianna Johnson, Chapel Hill HS, attended, credit
  2. Suzanne Manahan, Kennesaw Mountain HS - Op.Reboot Teacher, attended, credit
  3. Jennifer Uboh, Cherokee HS, attended
  4. Darryl McCune, Sprayberry HS, attended
  5. Cynthia Jackson, Cedar Grove HS - Op.Reboot Teacher, attended, credit
  6. Edwina Floyd, Columbia HS - Op.Reboot Teacher, attended, credit
  7. Ira Andrews, Lakeside HS, attended, credit
  8. JoRay VanVliet, Towns County MS, attended, credit
  9. Mark Giles, Sprayberry HS - Op.Reboot Teacher, attended, credit
  10. Ronald Owenby, Westlake HS, attended
  11. Leslie Smart, Alexander HS, attended
  12. Olufemi Tinubu, Morrow HS, attended
  13. Will Johnson, Banneker High School, attended
  14. Marlena Booker, GIVE Center - Operation Reboot teacher, attended, credit

No Shows:
  1. Suzanne Harris, Jackson County Comprehensive HS
  2. Teneshia Skrine, Yell Academy
  3. Dharma Stevens, Fulton Leadership Academy
  4. Peg Allen, Mill Springs Academy
  5. Sharon McGee, Northview HS
  6. N'jemele Bush, Riverdale HS
  7. Joi Bynum, Riverdale HS
  8. Georgia Grossett-Dale, GA Dept of Ed
  9. Gloria Flemming, Campbell HS

  1. Diahn Taylor, Towers HS - Op.Reboot Teacher (canceled)

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