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Wing Yin Tsang Woodstock High School
Diahn Taylor Towers High School
Greg Kinsey Kennesaw Mountain High School
Margaret Allen Mill Springs Academy
Clotovis Barker-Williams Cedar Grove high School
Isobel Mason Woodstock High School
Jeannie Poley Marietta High School
Jennifer Uboh Cherokee High School
Henry Laws
Chavon Washington
Leigh Rogers
Garry Brown Stephenson High School
Latonya Herring Columbia HS
Jo Ray Van Vliet Towns County Middle School
Cynthia Anderson Towers HS
Rosemary Lengsas Mountain View High School
LaShandia Hill Rex Mill Middle School
Leslie Smart Alexander High School
John Donahue Lamar County Comprehensive High School
Morris Langston
Jeanne Earley Alpharetta HS
Dharma Stevens Fulton Leadership Academy
Jacqueline Bowman
Reginald Thompson Tucker Middle School
Georgia Grossett-Dale Dept of Education
Ramona Calvey Luella High