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Vikki Harmon

Meet Vikki Harmon!
Information Page for Vikki Harmon
Ms. Vikki Harmon is a Business Education Teacher at Jonesboro High School. Ms. Harmon is described by her friends as a lively "Bookworm". As proof, she has attained many degrees. She is a graduate of Georgia State University where she attained her bachelor's of science degree in risk management, University of West Georgia to attain a master's of education in business education, and a graduate . She has devoted six years of her working career into educating members of tomorrow's future. Outside of the classroom, Ms. Harmon is the JHS Web master, Honor's Committee member, and Graduation Committee member, and FBLA Advisory.

At Jonesboro High School, Ms. Harmon currently teachers:
When she is not teaching, she is a very involved and active mother of 3 handsome boys. During her leisure, Vikki enjoys:
  1. reading
  2. shopping
  3. traveling
  4. spending time with her family.

  5. Favorite Foods
    Breakfast Dinner
    Omelets Grits
    chicken fish

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