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Teacher Webinars

We have 5 Elluminate rooms that can be used 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Contact ICE to
get access to the Elluminate room's calendar. The e-mail is

Upcoming Webinars
Thomas Cooper is doing a series of Greenfoot webinars Jan 19 - March 1st on Thursdays from 6pm - 7pm EST.
Greenfoot webinars - Spring 2012
Barb Ericson is offering the following webinars:
Exploring Wonderland Webinars - Fall 2011
Exploring Wonderland Webinars - Spring 2011

Previous Webinars
Scratch webinars for fall 2010
Greenfoot webinars for 2009-2010
Dick Baldwin's webinars (Alice and XNA) for spring 2010
GridWorld webinars spring 2010
Media Comptuation Webinars spring 2010
Alice Webinars - spring 2010

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