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Directions For Camper Drop Off/Pick Up

The Drop Off and Pick Up area will be located between College of Computing Building and the Klaus Advanced Computing Building.

Depending on the direction you are heading down first street, you will either turn left or right onto Atlantic Drive.
SummerCampDirections 003.jpgSummerCampDirections 004.jpg

Atlantic Drive will look like this:
SummerCampDirections 002.jpg

Please turn down the alleyway to your left.
SummerCampDirections 001.jpg

If you see this to your left you have gone too far.
SummerCampDirections 005.jpg

Continue down the alley.
SummerCampDirections 006.jpgSummerCampDirections 007.jpg

This is where drop off and pick up will occur. There will be at least one camp leader one the sidewalk at the end of the alley. Please sign your child in at the beginning of each day and out at the end of the day.
SummerCampDirections 008.jpg

Continue to your left out of the alleyway back toward Ferst Street. Thank you.
SummerCampDirections 009.jpgSummerCampDirections 010.jpg