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Computing summer camps at other colleges and universities in Georgia 2010

In 2010 there were 40 camps between Georgia Tech and the "seed" award winners.

Columbus State University is offering 14 weeks of computing summer camps. See

Georgia Gwinnett College is offering 3 weeks (1 for middle school girls, 1 for middle school boys, and 1 co-ed for high school) see

Georgia Tech Savannah is offering 1 week for elementary, 1 for middle and 1 for high school:

Mercer University is offering 3 weeks of middle school camps and 2 weeks of high school camps:

University of Georgia is offering 2 weeks of middle school camps and 1 week of high school camp:

Georgia SouthWestern State University is offering a virtual camp from June 7-11, 2010 for 30 students. Contact Karen Cook 229-931-2818 for more information.

Valdosta is offering a camp for high school students and 2 weeks for middle school students:

The Walker School is also offering a summer camp for 4-5th graders

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