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Registration for the June 14-18, 2010 Intermediate Programming in Java workshop

  1. Sababu Chaka Barashango- DeKalb High School of Technology - South, DeKalb- 45 min late on M; 25 min late on W; 30 minutes late on F., credit
  2. John E. Donahue, Lamar County Comprehensive High School, Lamar, credit
  3. Donna Marsh - Campbell High School, Cobb - left 45 min early on T; left 30 min early on Th, credit
  4. Kevin Oglesby - Mill Creek High School, Gwinnett, credit
  5. Jeannie Poley, Marietta High School, Cobb, credit
  6. Jennifer Uboh, Cherokee High School, Cherokee, credit
  7. Larry Wilkes, Etowah High School, Cherokee, credit
  8. Sharon Wright - Westlake High School, Fulton - 35 min late on W, credit
  9. J. P. Zinn - Grayson High School, Gwinnett, credit
  10. Pam Mckee - Lakeside High School, Dekalb - 25 min late on Th, credit

  1. Mark Maddox - Sparkman High School, Alabama, credit

IT Worker
  1. Cynthia Anderson. Riverwood International Charter School, Fulton, credit

No Show:
  1. Kevin Daniel - Banneker High School, Fulton - no show


Incomplete Registration - Not registered on CTAERN

Incomplete Registration - Not registered on SM
Gloria Clemons
Zen McGill

Carla Thorton - not attending

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