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Registration for the April 17, 2010 Intro to Scratch and Alice workshop

19 people attended.
Public School Teachers
  1. Garry Brown. Stephenson High School, Dekalb, credit
  2. Diane Cagle. Kell High School, Cobb, no credit
  3. Kevin Daniel. (NO SURVEY FOUND) but did attend., no credit
  4. Lori Decker. McIntosh High School, Fayette, credit
  5. Edwina Vaughn Floyd. Columbia High School, Dekalb, no credit
  6. Ria Galanos. Centennial High School, Fulton, no credit
  7. Sonja Goins. Eagles Landing High School, Henry, credit
  8. Camiel Grant Jr. Newton High School, Newton, no credit
  9. Marilou Grimes. Eastside High School, Newton, credit
  10. LaShandia Hill. Rex Mill Middle School, Clayton, no credit
  11. Courtney J. Johnson. Tucker Middle School, Dekalb, credit
  12. Janice Justice. Norcross High School, Gwinnett, credit
  13. Michelle Koneman. North Murray High School, Murray, credit
  14. Isobel Mason. Woodstock High School, Cherokee, credit
  15. Gail F Prosser. North Peachtree Middle School, Dekalb, no credit
  16. Kenneth Reese. Lumpkin Co High School, Lumpkin, no credit
  17. Leila Thomas. B. Banneker High School, Fulton, no credit

Private School
  1. Thomas Cooper. The Walker School, Cobb, no credit

IT Workers
  1. Cynthia Anderson-IT. Riverwood International Charter School, Fulton

Incomplete Registration - not registered on SM
John E. Donahue
Doris LaWanda Good
Suzanne L. Harris
Marian Hesse
Donna Marsh
Cynthia R McKinley
Melissa Rommelman
Leslie Randall Smart
Jennifer Uboh

No Show:
  1. Jeff Bachus. Taylor Road Middle School, Fulton
  2. Cory Booth. Jonesboro Middle School, Clayton
  3. Ramona Calvey. Luella High School, Henry - NO SHOW
  4. Kim Hatcher. Central Middle School, Talbot - NO SHOW
  5. Dharma Stevens. Rex Mill Middle School, Clayton - NO SHOW
  6. Pintu Thacker. Meadowcreek High School, Gwinnett - NO SHOW
  7. Samuel West. Rex Mill Middle School, Clayton - NO SHOW

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