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Dick Baldwin - Programming Fundamentals using Alice 2.x - Monday March 22nd, 10am CST (11am EST)

Dick Baldwin is a professor at Austin Community College who publishes online computer programming tutorials on Scratch, Alice, Media Computation, and much more (see He is going to offer a Programming Fundamentals course based on his Alice tutorials (see as a webinar series starting Monday March 22nd at 10am CST (11am EST). He will continue the series on Wed March 24 at 10am CST (11am EST) and keep going on Monday and Wednesday mornings till Wed May 12th. This course does not assume any prior programming experience.

You can register for this series at

You only need a browser and an internet connection. You can use a microphone if you want to "talk" to the speaker or you can use the chat room to ask questions and make comments. The session will be recorded an the links will be posted here.

Go to - to particpate.

You may help provide information for research regarding webinars by completing an anonymous survey after participating in the webinar. Completion of the survey is not required. If you wish to participate in the feedback study, please read the following consent document before completing the survey WebinarSurveyConsent.pdf. The link for the survey is: