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Advanced Alice Webinar - part 2 - Feb 4th 2010 4pm - 5pm EST

Barbara Ericson will do a webinar on Advanced Alice - part 2 from 4:00pm to 5:00pm (EST) on Thursday Feb 4th, 2010. Please register at This webinar will cover creating a simple game in Alice. This includes creating variables on objects, using a while loop, creating methods, setting durations to 0, and doing event handling.

You only need a browser and an internet connection. You can use a microphone if you want to "talk" to the speaker or you can use the chat room to ask questions and make comments. The session will be recorded. The link to the recording will be placed on the Tea Party website at Contact Barb Ericson ( for the key for access to the Tea Party site.

Go to - to particpate.