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Scratch Jan 30 2010 first session

9:00am - 1:00pm
Scratch 3 hour elementary-workshop details
ice2010 001.jpg|ice2010 005.jpg|ice2010 053.jpg|
ice2010 010.jpg|ice2010 013.jpg|ice2010 056.jpg|
ice2010 014.jpg|ice2010 044.jpg|ice2010 045.jpg|
ice2010 046.jpg|ice2010 047.jpg|ice2010 048.jpg|
ice2010 050.jpg|ice2010 052.jpg|ice2010 068.jpg|
ice2010 054.jpg|ice2010 055.jpg|ice2010 065.jpg|
ice2010 057.jpg|ice2010 060.jpg|ice2010 061.jpg|
ice2010 062.jpg|ice2010 064.jpg|