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How to Apply - 2010

Step 1 - Complete the Online Contact Form

Step 2 - Download the General Information Packet (GIP)
GIP 2010.rtf

Step 3 - Download the Program Application Packet (PAP)
PAP - Adventures in Animation I - June 1 - Rising 6-8.rtf
PAP - Adventures in Animation II - June 7 - Rising 6-8.rtf
PAP - ICE - June 14 - Rising 9-12.rtf
PAP - ICE - June 21 - Rising 9-12.rtf
PAP - Adventures in Animation II - June 28 - Rising 6-8.rtf
PAP - Explorers I - July 6 - Rising 4-6.rtf
PAP - Explorers I - July 12 - Rising 4-6.rtf
PAP - Explorers II - July 19 - Rising 4-6.rtf
PAP - Adventures in Animation I - July 26 - Rising 6-8.rtf

Step 4 - Complete the GIP and PAP. (Attach a $15 check/money order to each Program Application Packet).

When you complete all of these steps, mail application fees and materials to ICE Programs.

GA Tech, College of Computing
ICE Programs
Attn: Felicia Auzla - Brewster
801 Atlantic Drive
Atlanta, GA 30332


Q- When will I be informed if my child has been accepted?
A- We will inform everyone by April 16, 2010

Q- Who should the checks be maybe payable to?
A- Georgia Institute of Technology

Q- If my child is home-schooled, should I fill out the teacher recommendation form?
A- No, the form should be filled out by a non family member. Preferably someone in an external activity in which the child participates

Q- Is acceptance to the camps first come, first served?
A- No

Notes to Consider

A wait list will be created and posted online for qualified applicants not initially invited to attend a program. Students can check their position on the wait list any time after April 16, 2010.

All applicants are required to complete the entire process (Steps 1 - 4). 2009 participants must re-submit application data - we do not keep previous summer program data on file.

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