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Directions to Mountain Jubilee

It will take about 1.5 - 2 hours to get there.

Take I-75 North to Exit 320 (Lafayette/Reseca) and turn Left onto GA-136. Travel 1.5 miles and turn Left onto Hall Memorial Rd. Go about 0.5 miles and turn Right onto Fairview Rd. (it's can be hard to see; but it's directly across from a church). Travel about 2 miles down the road until it it goes over a rail road and merges into Sugar Valley Rd. You'll see a Mohawk Carpet Factory just ahead and the road curves. Immediately after you pass the factory, turn Left onto Pocket Road (there's a gas station on the right just across from it). Keep on Pocket Road/Lake Marvin Rd.

The camp is about 6 miles ahead on the Right, after you pass over Horn Mountain.

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