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Nov 16, 2009 - Webinar on IPRE (Scribbler) robots with python

Jay Summet will do a short (1 hour) webinar on the Insitute for Personal Robots (IPRE) robot (see This is a Parallax Scribbler robot
with a special addition of "fluke" which has a color camera, bluetooth, and some extra sensors and LEDs. See
You can particpate by going to at 7pm on Monday Nov 16th. The session was recorded. The recording is at

9 people attended.

You may help provide information for research regarding webinars by completing an anonymous survey after participating in the webinar. Completion of the survey is not required. If you wish to participate in the feedback study, please read the following consent document before completing the survey WebinarSurveyConsent.pdf. The link for the survey is: