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Barb and Mark in England

Barb Ericson and Mark Guzdial and their 3 children are spending 6 weeks in Oxford, England. Mark has a web site set up that he is using to post pictures and information. See

They put us up at Worcester College. We are living at 10 Worcester Place in a house that normally holds 10 students. We have a garden which is quite nice. The kids enjoy playing hide and seek in the house and doing "treasure hunts". It is such a big house that we have some trouble finding people!

We have access to a large field which we have been playing soccer (football) on. We have also been playing tennis on one of the many tennis courts. Worcester College has a lake and we have been feeding the ducks and coots nearly every day. Jenny and Katie have both fallen in the lake while feeding the ducks now.

We have been exploring Oxford but the crowds are huge so it is nice to go back to our house and relax.

Leaving, Worcester, House
Botanical Garden
Blenheim Palace
Around Oxford
Feeding Ducks and Coots and Worcester
Trip to Oxford Natural History Museum
British Museum, London
Warwick Castle
Riding at Old Manor House
Paris - First Day - Notre Dame and another church
Paris - First Day - Eiffel Tower
Paris - Second Day