Research Highlights

The Resonant MEMS Group is involved in several exciting research projects in the devices and integrated microsystem area. Review the highlights below and select a title to read the full research project.

High-Performance Integrated RF Tunable Components and Filters
Advanced RF front-end filters are required to support a wide frequency range while offering a low insertion loss and fast tuning speed in a small-size package. This project targets low-loss, high-performance filters on CMOS-grade silicon substrate using a high-aspect-ratio silver micromachining technique.
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RF Switches using Phase Change Materials
We investigate the use of Germanium Telluride (GeTe) phase change material for RF switching applications. GeTe switches show several orders of magnitude change in resistivity when thermally transitioned between amorphous and crystalline states.
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Gallium Nitride Resonators and Resonant Body Transistors
Our group develops high-performance GaN-based microelectromechanical components, including GaN resonators and AlGaN/GaN resonant body high electron mobility transistors (Resonant Body HEMTs.
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Non-linear Effects in Gallium Nitride Acoustic Resonators
An interesting phenomenon we are exploring is the acoustoelectric effect in Gallium Nitride. The acoustoelectric effect is due to interactions of electron and phonons in semiconductors.
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Piezoelectric Micromechanical Resonators for IR Detection
The proposed collaborative research aims at developing a technology for low-noise un-cooled detection of infrared (IR) radiation using a combination of piezoelectric, pyroelectric and resonant effects.
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Chip Scale Ultra-Stable Clocks
This multidisciplinary project combines material engineering, mechanical design innovation, and circuit-level design techniques to achieve state-of-the art performance in micromechanical timing units for space applications
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Single Chip Timing and Inertial Measurement Unit
This project focuses on the development of very stable clock reference for timing and measurement units.
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