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Issued Patents
  1. Y. Shim, M. Wang, and M. Raieszadeh, "Directly heated phase change switches," Patent, issued, 2016.

  2. M. Raieszadeh and Y.Shim, "Wide range continuously tunable capacitor bank," Patent Issued, U. of Michigan, 2015.

  3. M. Raieszadeh and V. J. Gokhale, "Infrared sensing using pyro/piezo-electric resonators," Filed, US 20120286161 A1, 2012.

  4. F. Ayazi and M. Raieszadeh, "Micro-electromechanical voltage tunable capacitors and filter devices," US Patent, issued, 2011.

  5. F. Ayazi, M. Raieszadeh, and P. Monajemi, "Self-aligned high aspect-ratio polysilicon and single-crystal silicon fabrication method," US Patent, Issued, 2011.

  6. F. Ayazi and M. Raieszadeh and P. A. Kohl, "Micro-electromechanical Switched Tunable Inductor," US Patent, issued, 2010.

Patents Pending
  1. F. Ayazi and M. Raieszadeh, "Low-loss substrate for high quality components," US Patent pending, Application No. 11/168066, Filed 6/28/2005.

  2. M. Raieszadeh and A. Ansari, "Resonant body high electron mobility transistors," US Patent, filed, 2015.

  3. M. Raieszadeh, Z. Wu, V. A. Thakar, A. Peczalski, "TCF compensated micromechanical resonators," Patent Filed 10/31/2012, U. of Michigan, 2012.

Invention Disclosure Filed
  1. M. Rais-Zadeh, A. Ansari, "Acoustic diodes," Provisional Patent, filed, 2016.

  2. M. Rais-Zadeh, A. Ansari, H. Zhu, "Piezoelectric acoustic circulators," Provisional Patent, filed, 2016.

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