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Single Chip Timing and Inertial Measurement Unit

Adam Peczalski, Vikram Thakar, and Zhengzheng Wu

Sponsor: Defense Advance Research Project Agency Defense Advance Research Project Agency

Deep integration of high-performance inertial sensors and a timing reference unit within a microsystem enables advanced precision navigation, guidance and control capabilities. The primary goal of the project is to address challenges associated with the development of a miniature, low power, high-performance, and self-sufficient navigation system that is realized through innovative manufacturing and advanced architectures integrating Timing and Inertial Measurement Units (TIMU). Realizing a TIMU which offers low power and high performance requires concurrent development of MEMS devices, advanced materials, low power integrated circuits, and advanced packaging techniques. In this collaborative project, our group focuses on the development of very stable clock reference for TIMU. Miniaturized MEMS resonators with high Q and excellent temperature stability are explored for the clock generator. The project involves development of new fabrication processes, devising new resonator designs and interface electronics, as well as packaging technologies to reach the program goal.

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