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Piezoelectric Micromechanical Resonators for IR Detection

Vikrant J. Gokhale, Azadeh Ansari, Kaan Tosun

Sponsors: Army Research Laboratory Army Research Laboratory and National Science Foundation National Science Foundation

This research aims at developing a technology for low-noise un-cooled detection of infrared (IR) radiation using a combination of piezoelectric, pyroelectric and resonant effects. The architecture consists of a parallel array of high-Q gallium nitride (GaN) micromechanical resonators coated with an IR absorbing nanocomposite. The nanocomposite absorber converts the IR energy into heat with high efficiency. The generated heat causes a shift in frequency characteristic of GaN resonators because of pyroelectric and piezoelectric effects. IR detection is achieved by sensing the shift in the resonance frequency and amplitude of the exposed GaN resonator as compared to a reference resonator that is included in the array. This architecture offers improved signal to noise ratio compared with conventional pyroelectric detectors as the resonant effect reduces the background noise and improves sensitivity. GaN is chosen as the resonant material as it possesses high piezoelectric and pyroelectric coefficients and can be grown on silicon substrate for low-cost batch fabrication.

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