Dr. Feng Lin: Post Doctoral Scholar (2013-2015)

Dr. Feng Lin: Post Doctoral Scholar (2013-2015)

Email: fngln@umich.edu

Feng Lin received the B.Eng. degree in information engineering and the Ph.D. degree in electromagnetic fields and microwave technology both from South China University of Technology, in 2008 and 2013 respectively. His doctoral dissertation title is "design theory and realization of multi-band couplers and power dividers". He was a Research Fellow with the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor between 2013-Sept 2015. His research interests include MEMS and Phase change switches and their applications in the design of reconfigurable RF components. He is currently a faculty in Beijing Institute of Technology.

F. Lin and M. Rais-Zadeh, "A tunable 0.6 GHz-1.7 GHz bandpass filter with a constant bandwidth using switchable varactor-tuned resonators," IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS’15), 2015.

M. Wang, F. Lin, and M. Rais-Zadeh, "Comparison and analysis of structures of GeTe based phase change RF switches and modeling for power handling capability," Government Microcircuit Applications and Critical Technology Conference (GOMACTech), St Louis, MO, March, 2015.

M. Wang, F. Lin, and M. Rais-Zadeh, "Performance measurements and non-linearity modeling of GeTe phase change RF switches with direct and indirect heating schemes," IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS’15), 2015.

F. Lin, M. Wang, and M. Rais-Zadeh, "A miniature distributed Ku-band phase shifter using tunable inductors and MEMS varactors," National Wireless Research Collaboration Symposium, Idaho Falls, Idaho, pp. 11-14, May, 2014.


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