Myung-Chul Kim 

Myung-Chul Kim

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Michigan

Graduate Student Research Assistant
Graduate Student Instructor

About Me

Hello! In 2012, I received my Ph.D degree in the EECS department at the Univeristy of Michigan.
I have worked with Professor Igor L. Markov as a member of ACAL research group.
I am an advisory engineer at IBM ARL, TX.


My broader research interest is in Physical Design and Electronic Design Automation (EDA).
My specialized interest includes analytic placement, routing, clock-tree generation, and timing analysis.
I have also been working on develpment of fast EDA algorithms using SSE instructions and parallelism.


EECS 312: Ditial Integrated Circuits, Graduate Student Instructor (Winter 2012, Winter 2010, Fall 2010)

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