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I've been a satisfied user of the Linux operating system and the Tcl/Tk scripting language for a number of years now, so I have a few links for each of these subjects.

Linux Info

Linux is an open-source clone of the Unix operating system. Most people run it on generic PC hardware, although it's been made to run on everything from Sony Playstations to IBM mainframes. But if you're reading this page you probably already know this, so I won't bore you anymore. Here are some good Linux links.

Linux news links:

Info/Help Sites:


Distribution vendors:

User Groups

Software Archive/Index Sites


Linux Advocacy

Tcl/Tk Info

Tcl stands for "tool command language". It is a scripting language that is embeddable and extensible. ("Embeddable" means that it can easily be incorporated into other pieces of software; "extensible" means that new commands can be added to Tcl.) Tcl was developed by John Ousterhout, who was on the faculty of UC Berkeley at the time. Tk is a window toolkit that is built on top of Tcl. For more information, read on.

Where to get Tcl/Tk:

Tcl/Tk Software Archives

Tcl-based Software Projects:

Tcl/Tk info sites:

Tcl/Tk extensions:

Programming Guides:

Other assorted links:

Tcl/Tk Extensions/Patches that I've written:

Other stuff I wrote using Tcl/Tk:

Other Free/Open-Source Software

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