Matthew Burgess


Link-Prediction Enhanced Consensus Clustering for Complex Networks pdf
Matthew Burgess, Eytan Adar, Michael Cafarella
arXiv:1506.01461 Submitted Jun, 4, 2015

Leveraging Noisy Lists for Social Feed Ranking pdf
Matthew Burgess, Alessandra Mazzia, Eytan Adar, Michael Cafarella
Seventh International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM) 2013

Machine Learning-based Anomaly Detection for Post-silicon Bug Diagnosis pdf
Andrew DeOrio, Qingkun Li, Matthew Burgess and Valeria Bertacco
Design Automation and Test in Europe (DATE) 2013

Brainwash: A Data System for Feature Engineering pdf
Michael Anderson, Dolan Antenucci, Victor Bittorf, Matthew Burgess, Michael Cafarella, Arun Kumar, Feng Niu, Yongjoo Park, Christopher Ré, Ce Zhang
CIDR Conference 2013


Skills Ontology Creation link
Burgess, M. and Skomoroch, P.N.
US Patent App. 14/296,258 2015