Math 416, Fall 2004



Old Homework and Solution Sets

Group work allowed in accordance with policy.

Expanded Cumulative Syllabus

Course Goals and Policies

Revised Sept 13 (Expanded group work policy; new class web page; typo in textbook webpage; class to cover chapters 1,2,A,3,4 in that order.)


Title Math 416, Theory of Algorithms
Time MWF, 12-1
Place 1068 East Hall
Prerequisites Math 312 or 412 or EECS 203, and EECS 281 or permission
Text Introduction to Algorithms, 2e Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein (Follow links for errata.)
Instructor Assistant Professor Martin Strauss
Office, central campus 3063 East Hall, MWF
Office, north campus 2238 EECS, TTh
Email martinjs .at.
Office hours by appointment and M,F 10-11 EH 3063; Thursday 1-2 2238 EECS. Check web page for exceptions.

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