Mark Gallagher

Building secure architectures for the future

I'm a 3rd year Ph.D. student advised by Prof. Kevin Fu at the University of Michigan's Computer Science & Engineering Department. My research interests lie in embedded systems, space & aerospace applications, secure system design, and any time I get to play with cool hardware. My current CV.

Before graduate school, I obtained my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from Auburn University in Auburn, AL. During that time, I volunteered for the university's CubeSat development program working with Prof. J-M Wersinger. I have also interned with Dynetics, Inc. to work on simulation and hardware test infrastructure.

My involvements also extend outside of research. I am currently the Secretary for the Computer Science & Engineering Graduate Organization (CSEG). I also hold memberships in ACM's SIGARCH & SIGMICRO, as well as IEEE HKN and Tau Beta Pi (TBP).

Some of my personal hobbies include video games, constructing models (LEGOs included!), hiking, traveling, watching ice hockey, and making/eating great food!

Technical Skills

I am always looking to expand my technical knowledge, spanning the computer system stack from operating systems, compilers, and physical hardware:

  • Compiler Extensions (LLVM)
  • Multi-lingual (C, C++, Python)
  • Hardware Construction (VHDL, SystemVerilog)
  • System Simulation (gem5, RISC-V Spike)
  • Assembly/Binary Analysis
  • PCB Design

Current & Past Research Projects

Some exciting projects I've worked on (or still am!)

Morpheus Project

Morpheus, an EMTD-Based Secure Architecture (2017-2019)

Building a secure architecture based on ensembles of moving target defenses (EMTD) in hardware with dynamic re-randomization.


CubeSat Avionics (2013-2017)

Senior Avionics Engineer for the Auburn University Small Satellite Program (AUSSP).

Designed, built, and tested avionics subsystems for the Terrestrial RaYs Analysis & Detection (TRYAD) project, a two 6U Cube-Satellite mission sponsored by the National Science Foundation.


ACM DL Author-ize service Morpheus: A Vulnerability-Tolerant Secure Architecture Based on Ensembles of Moving Target Defenses with Churn
M. Gallagher, L. Biernacki, S. Chen, Z.B. Aweke, S.F. Yitbarek, M.T. Aga, A. Harris, Z. Xu, B. Kasikci, V. Bertacco, S. Malik, M. Tiwari, T. Austin
ASPLOS '19 Proceedings of the Twenty-Fourth International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems, 2019. [Lightning Talk] [Slides] [Paper]

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