EECS 591 - Winter 2018

Week Monday Wednesday Slides Related papers
1/1, 1/3 Two generals' problem, common knowledge Wednesday's slides J. Halpern and Y. Moses
Knowledge and Common Knowledge in a Distributed Environment
1/8, 1/10 Event ordering, Lamport clocks, vector clocks Clock synchronization Monday's slides
Wednesday's slides
L. Lamport
Time, Clocks, and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System
O. Babaoglu, K. Marzullo
Consistent Global States of Distributed Systems: Fundamental Concepts and Mechanisms
F. Cristian
Probabilistic Clock Synchronization
1/15, 1/17 MLK day NTP, Atomic Commit Wednesday's slides Bernstein, Goodman and Hadzilacos
Distributed Recovery
1/22, 1/24 2PC, 3PC Consistency, TRB, Consensus D. Skeen
Non-blocking commit protocols
D. Skeen
Determining the Last Process to Fail
M.J. Fisher, N.A. Lynch, and M.S. Paterson
Impossibility of Consensus in Asynchronous Systems
1/29, 1/31 State Machine Replication, Primary-Backup Paxos F. B. Scheider
The State Machine Approach
N. Budhiraja, K. Marzullo, F. B. Schneider, S. Toueg
The Primary-Backup Approach
L. Lamport
Paxos made simple
The original Paxos paper, for brave souls only:
L. Lamport
The Part-time Parliament
2/5, 2/7 Byzantine Generals, PBFT Eve L. Lamport, R. Shostak, and M. Pease
The Byzantine Generals Problem
M. Castro and B. Liskov
Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance
M. Kapritsos, Y. Wang, V. Quema, A. Clement, L. Alvisi, and M. Dahlin
All about Eve: Execute-Verify Replication for Multi-core Servers
2/12, 2/14 TBD TBD
2/19, 2/21 TBD TBD
2/26, 2/28 Spring break Spring break
3/5, 3/7 TBD TBD
3/12, 3/14 TBD TBD
3/19, 3/21 TBD TBD
3/26, 3/28 TBD TBD
4/2, 4/4 TBD TBD
4/9, 4/11 TBD TBD
4/16 TBD