EECS 492: Intro to Artificial Intelligence

Fundamental concepts of AI, organized around the task of building computational agents. Core topics include search, logic, representation and reasoning, automated planning, decision making under uncertainty, and machine learning.

Prerequisite: EECS 281 or graduate standing. I, II (4 credits)


Syllabus (preliminary draft)

To give you an indication of what the course will cover, you can examine a preliminary draft of the syllabus here. This is not the final version. The lectures, reading assignments, and daily homeworks are from the F09 offering of the course and the Second Edition of the textbook. The dates of the classes, and of the final exam, are correct for F10, however.

Daily Reading and Homework Assignments

There is a reading assignment to be done before class on each day. Each day also has one or two homework problems. These are intended to be easy if you have done the reading. Make sure to write your name and the date on your homework.

Find another person in the class who can be your "homework buddy". Once you have done the reading and the homework, you and your homework buddy check each others' homework. If there's a problem, explain it to each other until it's correct. Then sign your buddy's homework (and vice versa), and hand it in for a completion grade.

Programming Assignments

There will be programming assignments due during the semester. More information later.