He Built a Crooked House

No. 5 in A Yankee Sampler, Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Boston Branch, 1976.

At this point, the 2nd couple is in first place on their own side of the dance,
followed by 3rd and 1st couples, who are on the opposite side.
The progression of the 1st couple to the bottom of the set has already been accomplished,
and the cross-over reels in bars 25 - 32 will return the 3rd and 1st couples to their own sides. Suggested music: College Hornpipe recorded by Peter White.

(By Benjamin Kuipers, with thanks to Yuval Peduel and Marianne Taylor.)

This dance has been performed in public by the Boston Branch Demonstration Team.
It is great fun to dance, especially the transition between Bar 32 and Bar 1 of the next repetition.