Model-Based Validation of an Intrusion-Tolerant Information System

F. Stevens, T. Courtney, S. Singh, A. Agbaria, J. F. Meyer, W. H. Sanders, and P. Pal


An increasing number of computer systems are designed to be distributed across both local and wide-area networks, performing a multitude of critical information-sharing and computational tasks. Malicious attacks on such systems are a growing concern, where attackers typically seek to degrade quality of service by intrusions that exploit vulnerabilities in networks, operating systems, and application software. Accordingly, designers are seeking improved techniques for validating such systems with respect to specified survivability requirements. In this regard, we describe a model-based validation effort that was undertaken as part of a unified approach to validating a networked intrusion-tolerant information system. Model-based results were used to guide the system’s design as well as to determine whether a given survivability requirement was satisfied.

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