1995 Table Of Contents

Opening Session

  1. Welcoming Remarks, Carl Kukkonen (paper not available)
  2. The Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite (SWAS): Current Status, G. Melnick (paper not available)
  3. SOFIA: The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, E. Erickson (paper not available)

Session 1 Diodes and Receivers

  1. 2.5 THz Airborne Heterodyne System for Measurement of Stratospheric OH , R. Titz, M. Birk, D. Hausamann, R. Nitsche, F. Schreier, J. Urban, H. Kullmann, and H.P. Roser
  2. A Novel Micron-Thick Whisker Contacted Schottky Diode Chip, A. Grub, A. Simon, H. 1. Hartnagel, J. Bune, M. Raum, and H. Brand
  3. An All Solid-State 1 THz Radiometer For Space Applications , R. Zimmermann, T. Rose, and T. Crowe
  4. A Practical Schottky Mixer for 5 THz, A. L. Betz
  5. The Design, Construction, and Evaluation of a 585 GHz Planar Schottky Receiver, J. L. Hesler, T. W. Crowe, R.F. Bradley, S. K. Pan, R. M. Weikle, and G. Chattopadhyay
  6. Low-Noise MOVPE-Grown Planar InGaAs Mixer Diodes, P. Marsh, H. Kong, and D. Pavlidis
  7. Electrolytic Deposition Techniques for the Fabrication of Submicron Anodes , A. Grub, C. Lin, and H. L. Hartnagel

Session 2: SIS Receivers 1

  1. A 1 THz Nb SIS Heterodyne Mixer with Normal Metal Tuning Structures , H. Van de Stadt, A. Baryshev, P. Dieleman, T. Klapwijk, S. Kovtonyuk, G. de Lange, I. Lapitskaya, J. Mees, R. Pan-huyzen, G. Prokopenko, and H. Schaeffer
  2. An 800 GHz Receiver Using Nb/ Al2O3/Nb SIS Junctions, C. E. Honingh, K. Jacobs, D. Hottgenroth, S. Haas, and J. Stutzki
  3. The Development of an 850 GHz Waveguide Receiver Using Tuned SIS Junctions on 1 micron Si3N4 Membranes, J.W. Kooi, M.S. Chan, M.Bin, B. Bumble, H.G. LeDuc, C.K. Walker, and T.G. Phillips
  4. Theoretical and Experimental Studies of NbBased Tuning Circuits for THz SIS Mixers, V. Yu. Belitskv, S.W. Jacobsson, L.V. Filippenko, and E.L. Kollberg
  5. NbN Mixers and Tuning Circuits for 630 GHz: Design and Preliminary Measurements, M. Salez, P. Febvre, W.R. McGrath, J.A. Stern, and H.G. LeDuc
  6. Noise Properties of a Mixer with SIS NbN Quasiparticle Tunnel Junctions, A. Karpov, B. Plathner, K.H. Gundlach, M. Aoyagi, and S. Takada
  7. A Fixed Tuned SIS Receiver for the 450 GHz Frequency Band, R. Blundell, C. Y.E. Tong, D.C. Papa, J.W. Barett, S. Paine, X. Zhang, J.A. Stern, and H. G. LeDuc
  8. An Integrated SIS Mixer and HEMT IF Amplifier, S. Padin, D.P. Woody, J.A. Stern, H.G. LeDuc, R. Blundell, C.-Y.E. Tong, and M.W. Pospieszalski
  9. On Using the Shot Noise in SIS Tunnel Junctions for Characterizing IF Amplifiers , D.P. Woody, S. Padin, H.G. LeDuc, and J.A. Stern

Session 3 New Submillimeter Observatories

  1. Installation of the Antarctic Sub-mm Telescope and Remote Observatory (AST IRO), Antony Stark
  2. The Submillimeter Telescope Observatory (SMTO): Current Status, Robert Martin
  3. HHT Instrumentation - Present and Future, Rolf Glisten

Session 4 Local Oscillator Sources

  1. Tunable p-Ge Laser in the Frequency Range from 1 to 4.5 THz, E. Brundermann and H.P. Roser
  2. InP Gunn Devices and GaAs TUNNETT Diodes as Low-Noise High-Performance Local Oscillators in Fundamental Mode, H. Eisele and G. I. Haddad
  3. 115-145 GHz Stable Depletion Layer SecondHarmonic Transferred Electron Oscillators, M.F. Zybura, S.H. Jones, J.E. Carlstrom, and J.D. Crowley
  4. 345 GHz Radiation from a Quasioptical Josephson Oscillator , M.J. Wengler, B. Guan, and E.K. Track
  5. A Waveguide TripIer for 720-880 GHz, N. Erickson and J. Tuovinen
  6. Terahertz Grid Frequency Doublers, J.C. Chiao, A. Markelz, Y. Li, J. Hacker, T. Crowe, J. Allen, and D. Rutledge
  7. Effect of the Increased Number of Diodes on the Performance of Oscillators with Series- Connected Tunnel Diodes, O. Boric-Lubecke, D.S. Pan, and T. ltoh

Session 5 hot Electron Bolometer Mixers

  1. Hot Electron Bolometer Mixers for Submillimeter Wavelengths: An Overview of Recent Developments, W. McGrath
  2. Analysis of the Noise Performance of a Hot Electron Superconduction Bolometer Mixer, B. S. Karasik, A.I. Elantev
  3. Performance of Hot Electron Superconducting Mixer for Frequencies Less than the Gap Energy: NbN Mixer for 100 GHz Operation, O. Okunev, A. Dzardanov, G. Gol'tsman, E. Gershenov
  4. NbN Hot Electron Mixer Measuremenst At 200 GHz, J. Kawamura, R. Blundell, C.Y.E. Tong, G. Gol'tsman, E. Gershenzon, B. Vorinov
  5. Noise Temperature and IF Bandwidth of a 530 GHz Diffusion Cooled Hot Electron Bolometer Mixer , A. Skalare, W. McGrath, B. Bumble, H.G. Leduc, P.J. Burke, A.A. Verheijen, D. E. Prober
  6. Noise Temperature of NbN Hot Electron Bolometer Quasioptical Superconducting Mixer in 200-700 GHz Range, G.N. Gol'tsman, B.S. Karasik, S.I. Svechnikov, E.M. Gershenzon, H. Eskstrom, E. Kollberg
  7. 350 GHz NbN Hot Electron Bolometer Mixer , H. Elkstrom, B. Karasik, E. Kollberg, G. Gol'tsman and E. Gershenzon
  8. Hot Electron Detection and Mixing Experiments in NbN at 119 Micrometer Wavelength, E. Gerecht, C.F. Musante, R. Schuch, C.R. Lutz Jr., K.S. Yngvesson, E.R. Mueller, J. Waldman, G.N. Gol'tsman, E.M. Gershenzon

Session 6: SIS Receivers 2

  1. Analytical Treatment and Optimum Parameters for DSB SIS Receivers, P. Febvre
  2. A Fixed Tuned Low Noise SIS Receiver For The 600 GHz Frequency Band, C.Y.E. Tong, R. Blundell, D.C. Papa, J. W. Barnett, S. Paine, X. Zhang, J.A. Stern and H.G. LeDuc
  3. Design and Characterization of Two-Junction Tuning Circuits for Submillimeter SIS Mixers , M.C. Gaidis, M. Bin, D. Miller, J. Zmuidzinas, H.G. LeDuc and J.A. Stern
  4. A Circular Waveguide SIS Receiver for 600-720 GHz, P. A. Jaminet, J.A. Stern, H.G. LeDuc, S. Shepard, J. Kawamura, and X. Zhang
  5. A Superconducting Planar Integrated Receiver for the Frequency Range 430-480 GHz, S. V. Shitov, V. P. Koshelets, 1. L. Lapitskaya, L. V. Filippenko, A. M. Baryshev, T. de Graauw, H. Schaefer, H. van de Stadt, and W. Luinge
  6. A 16-Element SIS Receiver for 455-495 GHz for the Heinrich Hertz Telescope, M. A. Scherschel, G.A. Ediss, R. Glisten, K.H. Gundlach, H. Hauschildt, C. Kasemann, A. Korn, D. Maier, and G. Schneider
  7. Low Noise Mixer with the Nb-AI Oxide-Al-Nb Tunnel Junctions for a Multibeam 345 GHz Receiver , A. Karpov, D. Maier, J. Blondel, B. Lazareff, and K.H. Gundlach
  8. 180-500 GHz Low Noise SIS Waveguide Receivers Employing Tuned Nb/Al-Oxide/Nb Tunnel Junctions , J. W. Kooi, M. Chan, B. Bumble, H. G. LeDuc, M. Bin, and T. G. Phillips

Session 7: Varactor Devices

  1. A Self-Biased Antiparallel Planar Varactor Diode , N. Erickson
  2. Monolithic Nonlinear Transmission Line , W-M. Zhang, X. Qin, F. Jiang, G. Song, Y. Li, C.W. Domier, and N.C. Luhmann, Jr.
  3. 60 GHz Monolithic Schottky Varactor Transmission Beam Switching Array, X. Qin, W-M. Zhang, C.W. Domier, N.C. Luhmann, Jr., W. Berk, S. Duncan, and D.W. Tu

Session 8: Optics, Antennas, and Micromachining

  1. Micromachined Millimeter-Wave SIS-Mixers, G. de Lange, B.R. Jacobson and Q. Hu
  2. Integrated Silicon Micromachined Waveguide Circuits for Submillimeter Wave Applications, J. Wright, B. Bumble, H. LeDuc, W. McGrath, and Y. Tai
  3. Tolerance Analysis of a 500 GHz Amplitude Hologram, Taavi Hirvonen, Jussi Tuovinen, and Antti Raisanen
  4. Off-Axis Beam Patterns of Extended-Hemispherical Dielectric Lens Antennas: Theory and Experiment at 250 GHz, G. Gauthier, D. Filipovic, S. Raman, and G. M. Rebeiz

Session 9: Varactor Device Theory

  1. Effect of Voltage Modulation on the Shape of the Depeletion Layer of a Submillimeter Wave Schottky Varactor, J. Louhi and A. Raisanen
  2. Self Consistent Physics-Based Numerical Device and Harmonic Balance Circuit Analysis of Heterostructure Barrier and Schottky Barrier Varactors Including Thermal Effects, J. R. Jones, S. H. Jones, and G. B. Tait
  3. Monte Carlo Simulation of Schottky Barrier Mixers and Varactors , J. East
  4. Submicron Schottky-Collector AlAs/InGaAs Resonant Tunnel Diodes , S.C. Martin, R.E. Muller, K. Nummila, R.P. Smith, M. Reddy, M.J. Mondry, M.J. W. Rodwell, D. H. Chow, and J. N. Schulman