1993 Table Of Contents

Opening Session

  1. Welcoming Remarks, Dean Frank Wazzan (presentation only)
  2. NASA's Space Science Sensor Technical Program, Gordon Johnston (presentation only)
  3. Applications of Millimeter and Subrnillimeter Technology to Earth's Upper Atmosphere:Results To Date and Potential for the Future, Joe W. Waters and P. Siegel (presentation only)
  4. UCLA Research Effort for High Frequency Devices, Kang Wang (presentation only)

Session 1:SIS Receivers 1

  1. A New SIS Mixer for the 2-MM Band, A.R. Kerr, S.K. Pan, A.W. Lichtenberger, F.L. Lloyd, N. Horner
  2. Wide Band Fixed Tuned and Tuneable SIS Mixers for 230 GHz and 345 GHz Receivers, A Karpov, M. Carter, B. Lazareff, M. Voss, D.Billon-Pierron, K.H. Gundlach
  3. Development of a Sideband Separation Receiver at 100 GHz, R.L. Akeson, I.E. Carlstrom, D.P. Woody, I. Kawamura, A.R. Kerr, S.K. Pan, K. Wan
  4. Measuring the Quantum Efficiency of SIS Receivers, D. Woody (abstract only)
  5. Photon Noise in the SIS Detector, N.S. Dubash, G. Pance, M.J. Wengler

Session 2: SIS Receivers 2

  1. A Technique for Accurate Noise Temperature Measurements for the Superconducting Quasiparticle Receiver, Q. Ke, M.J. Feldman
  2. Quantum Limited Responsivity of a Nb/ Al203/Nb SIS Waveguide Mixer at 460 GHz and First Results at 750 and 840 GHz, G. de Lange, CE. Honingh, M.M.T.M. Dierichs, H.H.A. Schaeffer, H. Kuipers, RA. Panhuyzen, T.M. Klapwijk, H. van de Stadt, M.W.M. de Graauw, E. Armandillo
  3. A Submillimeter Wave SIS Receiver for 547 GHz, W.R. McGrath, P. Febvre, P. Batelaan, H.G. LeDuc, B. Bumble, M.A. Frerking, J. Hernichel
  4. Double Dipole Antenna SIS Receivers at Frequencies above 500 GHz, J. Mees, A. Skalare, M.M.T.M. Dierichs, H. van de Stadt, R.A. Panhuyzen, Th. de Graauw, T.M. Klapwijk, E. Armandillo
  5. Slot-Antenna SIS Mixers with Novel Tuning Circuits (abstract only), J. Zmuidzinas, H.G. LeDuc, J.A. Stern, S.R. Cypher
  6. Progress on a Fixed Tuned Waveguide Receiver Using a Series-Parallel Array of SIS Junctions, N.W. Halverson, J.E. Carlstrom, D.P. Woody, H.G. Leduc, J.A. Stern

Session 3: Power Combining 2

  1. Planar Grid Oscillators for Quasi-Optical Power Combining at 37 GHz, A. Torabi, H.M. Harris, R.W. McMillan, S.M. Halpern, J.C Wiltse, D. Gagnon, D.W. Griffin, C.J. Summers
  2. Comparison of a 4-Element Linear Array and a 2x2 Planar Array, J. Lin, T. Itoh
  3. A 75 GHz to 115 GHz Quasi-Optical Amplifier, T.P. Budka, M.W. Trippe, S. Weinreb, G.M. Rebeiz
  4. A Subharmonically Pumped HFET Grid Mixer, R.M. Weikle II, N. Rorsman, H. Zirath, E.L. Kollberg
  5. HFET Resistive Mixers for Frequencies above 100 GHz, H. Zirath, I. Angelov, N. Rorsman, C. Karlsson, R.M. Weikle II, E.L. Kollberg (abstract only)

Session 4:Antennas and Networks 1

  1. Tailoring Artificial Dielectric Materials at Terahertz Frequencies, R.H. Giles, A.I. Gatesman, J. Fitzgerald, S. Fisk, J. Waldman
  2. A Gauss-Laguerre Analysis of the Dual-Mode ('Potter') Horn, J.F. Johansson
  3. A Optical Tuning Range Comparison of Uniplanar Active Integrated Antenna Using MESFET, GaAs HEMT and Pseudomorphic HEMT, S. Kawasaki, T. Itoh
  4. Double-Slot Antennas on Extended Hemispherical and Elliptical Silicon Dielectric Lenses, D.F. Filipovic, S.S. Gearhart, G.M. Rebeiz
  5. Truncation in Beam Waveguides, J.A. Murphy, S. Withington

Session 5: Antennas & Networks 2

  1. Phase Retrieval at Millimetre and Submillmetre Wavelengths using a Gaussian-Beam Formalism, K.G. Isaak, S. Withington
  2. Gaussian-mode Analysis of "Thin" Mirrors, S. Withington, J.A. Murphy
  3. Fabrication and Characterization of Microshield Circuits, T.M. Weller, L.P. Katehi, G.M. Rebeiz
  4. Experimental Study of Micromachined Circuits, R.F. Drayton, L.P.B. Katehi
  5. Testing Reflector Antennas in the THz Frequency Range, J. Tuovinen

Session 6: Solid State Sources 1

  1. Power Generation with IMPATT Diodes, TUNNEIT Diodes and Gunn Devices at Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Frequencies, H. Eisele, R Kamoua, G.I. Haddad, C. Kidner
  2. A Back-to-Back Barrier-N-N+(bbBNN) Diode TripIer at 200 GHz, D. Choudhury, A.V. Raisanen, RP. Smith, M.A Frerking
  3. A High Power Doubler for 174 GHz Using a Planar Diode Array, N.R. Erickson, B.J. Rizzi, T.W. Crowe
  4. Planar Varactor Diodes for Submillimeter Applications, B.J. Rizzi, K.K. Rausch, T.W. Crowe, P.J. Koh, W.C.B. Peatman, J.R Jones, S.H. Jones, G. Tait
  5. Performance Limitations of Varactor Multipliers, J. East, E. Kollberg, M. Frerking

Session 7: Solid State Sources 2

  1. Finite Element Analysis of a Planar Diode Doubler, J. Tuovinen, N.R Erickson
  2. High-Frequency InP Gunn Oscillators: Simulation and Experiment, R Kamoua, H. Eisele, G.I. Haddad, G. Munns, M. Sherwin
  3. Novel 100 GHz GaAs/ AlGaAs MQW IMPATT Oscillators: p+n Single-Drift Structures on p+ Substrates, C.C. Meng, S.W. Siao, H.R Fetterman, D.C. Streit, T.R. Block, Y. Saito
  4. Numerical Simulation of TUNNETT and MITATT Devices in the Millimeter and Submillimeter Range, C.C. Chen, R.K. Mains, G.L Haddad, H. Eisele

Session 8: Schottky Diode Fabrication & Receivers 1

  1. GaAs Schottky Diodes for THz Mixing Applications, P.A.D. Wood, W.C.B. Peatman, D.W. Porterfield, T.W. Crowe
  2. Planar THz Schottky Diode Based on a Quasi Vertical Diode Structure, A Simon, A Grub, V. Krozer, K Beilenhoff, H.L. Hartnagel
  3. Low-Frequency Noise Characteristics of GaAs Schottky Diodes Fabricated by In-Situ Electrochemical Process and Comparison to Evaporation Process, P. Marsh, D. Pavlidis, M. Tutt, T. Hashizume, H. Hasegawa, T Sawada, A Grub, H.L. Hartnagel
  4. Planar GaAs Schottky Diode Fabrication: Progress and Challenges, W.L. Bishop, T.W. Crowe, R.J. Mattauch
  5. A Study of Reliability and Physical Properties of Schottky Barriers with Respect to THz Applications, A Grub, V. Krozer, A Simon, H.L. Hartnagel

Session 9: Josephson Effect & Novel Devices 1

  1. Josephson-Effect Mixers using Shunted Nb and NbN Tunnel Junctions, R.J. Schoelkopf, T.G. Phillips, J. Zmuidzinas, J.A Stern
  2. Quasi-Optical 2-D Josephson Junction Array Oscillators with On-Chip Inductive Tuning Structures, B. Liu, M.J. Wengler
  3. High Power Submillimeter Wave Source using Series Biased Linear Josephson Effect Array, S. Han, B. Bi, W. Zhang, A.H. Worsham, J.E. Lukens
  4. Central Frequency /Wideband Quasioptical Josephson Oscillator Arrays, A Pance, G. Pance, M.J. Wengler
  5. Linewidth Measurements of Flux-Flow Josephson Oscillators using a CAD Designed Integrated Sub-MM Wave Receiver, Y.M. Zhang, D.Winkler, T. Claeson

Session 10: Schottky Diode Fabrication & Receivers 2

  1. The Fabrication and Performance of Planar Doped Barrier Subharmonic Mixer Diodes, T.H. Lee, J.R. East, C.Y. Chi, R. Dengler, I. Mehdi, P. Siegel, G.I. Haddad
  2. Cryogenic Mixers for Radioastronomical Radiometers from 660 to 810 GHz, A.I. Harris, K.F. Schuster, L.J. Tacconi, K.H. Gundlach (abstract only)
  3. A Wideband 760GHz Planar Integrated Schottky Receiver, S.S. Gearhart, J. Hesler, W.L. Bishop, T.W. Crowe, G.M. Rebeiz
  4. Noise Temperatures and Conversion Losses of Submicron GaAs Schottky-Barrier Diodes, H.W. Hubers, T.W. Crowe, G. Lundershausen,W.C.B. Peatman, H.P. Roser
  5. Measurement and Study of the Embedding Impedance Presented by the Whisker Antenna of a Schottky Diode Corner Cube Mixer, C.M. Mann, T. Suzuki, N. Chang, T. Nozokido, Y. Kuwano, K. Mizuno
  6. 0.5 THz SIS Receiver with Twin Junction Tuning Circuit, V.Y. Belitsky, S.W. Jacobsson, L.V. Filippenko, S.A. Kovtonjuk, V.P. Koshelets, E.L. Kollberg (abstract only)

Session 11: Josephson Effect & Novel Devices 2

  1. Response of Ramp-Type High-Te Josephson Junctions to Near Millimeter-Wave Radiation, R Gupta, Q. Hu, D. Terpstra, G.J. Gerritsma, H. Rogalla (abstract only)
  2. Terahertz Shapiro Steps in High Temperature SNS Josephson Junctions, P.A. Rosenthal, E.N. Grossman
  3. Electron Bolometric Mixers for the THz Region, K.S. Yngvesson, J.-X. Yang, F. Agahi, R Brasco, D. Dai, J. Li, W. Grammer, C. Musante, M.A. Tischler, K.M. Lau
  4. Low Noise, Superconducting Hot-Electron Microbolometer Mixer for Heterodyne Detection at 0.5 to 2 THz with Gigahertz IF Bandwidth, D.E. Prober
  5. THz Sources Based on Intersubband Transitions in Quantum Wells and Strained Layers, A. Afzali-Kushaa, G.I. Haddad, T.B. Norris

Session 12: Novel Devices

  1. Optical Performance of Photoinductive Mixers at Terahertz Frequencies, E.N. Grossman, J.E. Sauvageau, D.G. McDonald
  2. A Novel Submillimeter-Wave Detector Using Quantum Point Contacts, Q. Hu, RA. Wyss, c.c. Eugster, J.A. del Alamo, S. Feng, M.J. Rooks, M.R Melloch
  3. Hot Electron Superconductive Mixers, E.M. Gershenzon, G.N. Gol'tsman
  4. Antenna-Coupled Superconducting Electron-Heating Bolometer, G.N. Gol'tsman, A.I. Elant'iev, B.S. Karasik, E.M. Gershenzon

Session 13: SIS Receivers 3

  1. A Superconducting Mixer Tuned by the Quantum Susceptance, N.G. Ugras, A.H. Worsham, D. Winkler, D.E. Prober
  2. SIS Mixers using Endfire and Broadside Double Dipole Antennas at 435 and 480 GHz, A. Skalare, M.M.T.M. Dierichs, J. Mees, H. van de Stadt, R.A Panhuyzen, Th. de Graauw, T.M. Klapwijk
  3. Broadband Quasioptical SIS Mixers with Large Area Junctions, G. Pance, M.J. Wengler
  4. A Planar SIS Receiver with Logperiodic Antenna for Submillimeter Wavelengths, F. Schafer, E. Kreysa, T. Lehnert, K.H. Gundlach
  5. Numerical and Scale Modelling of a Broadband Waveguide-to-Microstrip Coupling Structure for a 100 GHz SIS Mixer, G.F. Delgado, J.F. Johansson, N.D. Whyborn
  6. Integration of SIS Mixers, Superconducting Local Oscillators and Other Elements into Receiver Chips for 100-700 GHz, A.N. Vystavkin, V. Yu. Belitsky, V.K Kaplunenko, V.P. Koshelets, S.A. Kovtonyuk, G.V. Prokopenko, A.V. Shchukin, S.V. Shitov, M.A. Tarasov
  7. First Results from a Small Bolometer-Array on the IRAM 30-m Telescope at 250 GHz, E. Kreysa, E.E. Haller, H.P. Gemund, C.G.T. Haslam, R. Lemke, AW. Sievers