1990 Table Of Contents

Opening Session

  1. Overview of The University of Michigan Space Terahertz Program, F. T. Ulaby
  2. Overview of NASA's Terahertz Technology Program, M. Sokoloski, C. A. Kukkonen
  3. Astrotech 21: Terahertz Technology for Space Astronomy in the 21st Century, J. A. Cutts

Session 1:Oscillators

  1. Submillimeter-wave Resonant-tunneling Oscillators, E. R. Brown
  2. Potential and Limitations of Resonant Tunneling Diodes, C. Kidner, J. Mehdi, J. R. East, C. I. Haddad
  3. Tunnel Transit-time (TUNNETT) Devices for Terahertz Sources, G. I. Haddad, J. R. East
  4. Watt-level Quasi-optical Mono1ithic Frequency Multiplier Development, R. J. Hwu; N. C. Luhmann, Jr.; L. Sjogren; X. H. Quin; W. Wu; D. B. Rutledge; B. Hancock; J. Maserjian; U. Lieneweg; W. Lam; C. Jou
  5. Submicrometer Devices and Monolithic Functions Using InALAs/AlGaAs Heterostructures, G. I. Ng, Y. Kwon, D. Pavlidis

Session 2: Antennas and Circuits

  1. Aperture Efficiency of Integrated-Circuit Horn Antennas , Y. Cuo, K. Lee, P. Stimson, K. Potter, D. Rutledge
  2. Integrated Tapered Slot Antenna Arrays and Devices , K. S. Ynguesson
  3. Theoretical Analysis of a Dipole-fed Horn Antenna , C. Eleftheriades, W. Ali-Ahmad, L. P. B. Katehi, C. M. Rebeiz
  4. Twin-slot Multi-layer Substrate-supported Antennas and Detectors for Terahertz Imaging , S. M, Wentworth, R. L. Rogers, J. G. Heston, D. P Neikirk
  5. A Wideband Monolithic SubmilIimeter~wave Quasi-optical Power Meter , C. C. Ling, G. M. Rebeiz
  6. A Submillimeter-Wave Heterodyne Array Receiver Using a Dielectric-Filled Parabola: Concept and Design , P. H. Siegel
  7. Millimeter and Submillimeter Studies of Planar Antennas , H. van de Stadt, Th. de Caauw, A. Skalare. R. A. Panhuyzen, R. Zwiggelaar

Session 3: Mixers and Multipliers

  1. GaAs Schottky Barrier Diodes for Space-based Applications at Submillimeter Wavelengths , T. W. Crowe, W. C. B. Peatman, W. L. Bishop
  2. Recent Results on: Surface-channel Schottky, InCaAs Schottky, and Nb Based SIS Mixer Element Research , R. J. Mattauch, W. L. Bishop, A. W. Lichtenberger
  3. Capability of Schottky Diode Multipliers as Local Oscillators at 1 THz , A. Raisanen, M. Sironen
  4. Planar Doped Barrier Devices for Subharmonic Mixers , . R. East, T. Lee, G. I. Haddad
  5. Quantum Well Multipliers: Triplers and Quintuplers , M. A. Frerking

Session 4: Receiver Systems

  1. SIS Receivers for Submillimeter-wave Astronomy , T. G. Phillips, T. H. Biittgenbach, B. N. Ellison
  2. Some Recent Developments in the Design of SIS Mixers , A. R. Kerr, S. K. Pan
  3. Multi-element Quasi-optica] Oscillator Arrays for Terahertz Region , M. Nakayama, M. Hieda, T. Tanaka, K. Mizuno
  4. Quantum Well and Quantum Barrier Diodes for Generating Submillimeter Wave Power , H. Groinqvist, E. Kollberg, A. Rydberg
  5. Low Noise 500- to 700-GHz Receivers Using Single-diode Harmonic Mixers , N. R. Erickson
  6. Development of a 600- to 700-GHz SIS Receiver , W. R. McGrath, K. Jacobs, J. Stern, H. G. LeDuc, R. E. Miller, M. A. Frerking

Session 5: Applications

  1. Submillimeter Astronomy in France , P. Encrenaz
  2. Submil1imeter Wavelength Astronomy Missions for the 1990s , S. Gulkis
  3. Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite , P. F. Goldsmith
  4. Submillimeter Remote Sensing of Stratospheric Gases , J. W. Waters
  5. Atmospheric Remote Sensing in the Terahertz Region , P. B. Hays, H. E. Snell