Amir Hossein Hormati
   University of Michigan
   Dept. of EECS
   Advanced Computer Arch. Lab.
   2260 Hayward Street
   Ann Arbor, MI, 48109
   Office: 4849 CSE
   Email: hormati at umich dot edu
(Last update:04/11/13)
Update (3/2013): As of March 2013, I have move from Microsoft Research to Google in Seattle. I'm part of the Big Query team. You can contact me using my gmail address (my last name + gmail).
Update (6/2011): I have joined Microsoft Research. Please visit my new homepage for a complete list of my publications and recent research activities.
I am currently a PhD student at U of M working under supervision of Prof. Scott Mahlke and Trevor Mudge. I started my PhD in Fall 2005 and will be graduating in Spring 2011.

My research interests lie in the area of compilers, runtime systems, and architectures for parallel systems. Designing applications to efficiently utilize future multi-core/many-core systems requires the careful investigation and re-engineering of different layers of computing from the input language to the underlying hardware. The focus of my work is to find innovative ways to program heterogeneous/homogeneous multi-core systems and to investigate hybrid static-dynamic compilation techniques to efficiently target these systems. I am currently working on hybrid compilation techniques and architectural innovations for streaming applications to achieve both performance and portability for various components of future heterogeneous systems, such as FPGAs, distributed memory processors (such as IBM Cell), SIMD engines, and GPUs.