Wireless Sensor Network Localization Measurement Repository

Measurement Environment Photo  
This page provides electronic access to data collected in the measurement campaign reported in [1].  Please see the reference for a detailed description of the measurement experiments.  This page describes only the files which contain the data.


Data was collected by Neal Patwari while supported by Motorola Labs' Florida Communications Research Lab, in Plantation, FL.  All measurement equipment was also provided by Motorola Labs.


The data is contained within a Matlab file (binary file) that can be opened in Matlab with the `load' command. 


There are three channel measurement experiments presented in [1], the first in Section IV, and the next two in Section V.  This data corresponds to the measurement campaign in Section IV.  This campaign measured both TOA and RSS between sensors in a 44-sensor network in an office environment.   The variables contained in the Matlab file are as follows:

Further Information

Please contact Neal Patwari by email:  npatwari _at_ umich.edu, or visit the Sensing and Processing Across Networks (SPAN) web site.


[1]  Neal Patwari, Alfred O. Hero III, Matt Perkins, Neiyer Correal, and Robert J. O'Dea,"Relative Location Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks", IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol. 51, no. 8, Aug. 2003, pages 2137-2148.  Available: [pdf].

New!  Matlab Localization Code

We now make a set of Matlab localization code freely available.  This code encompasses two main components:
Download Matlab localization simulation and Cramer-Rao Bound calculation code. Please contact Neal Patwari for further information.

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