Interests in Array Processing

Alfred Hero's present array processing interests concern adaptive beamforming for passive sonar and radar detection and direction finding, spatio-temporal target tracking, MIMO communications, and general spatio-temporal processing. For MIMO communications work see my communications page . Some other publications are listed below.

  • P.-J. Chung, J. B\"{o}hme, and A. O. Hero
    "Tracking of multiple moving sources using recursive EM algorithm," .pdf , EURASIP Journ. of Applied Signal Processing (JASP), Vol. 1, pp. 50-60, 2005.

  • A.O. Hero and R.A. Delap
    Task specific criteria for adaptive beamforming with slow fading signals," Advances in Spectrum Analysis and Array Processing: vol. III, S. Haykin, Ed., 1995.

  • A.O. Hero and R.A. Delap
    "Adaptive beamforming for slow Rayleigh fading signals," Proceedings of IEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal and Array Processing, Quebec, Canada, pp. 169-172, June 1994.

  • R. Delap and A.O. Hero
    "A new method for adaptive wideband beamforming," Proceedings of the IEEE 1993 International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, Vol. IV, pp. 348-351, Minneapolis, MN, April 1993.

  • A.O. Hero and S.C. Schwartz
    "Level crossing representations, Poisson asymptotics and applications to passive arrays," Stochastic Processes in Underwater Acoustics, C. Baker, Ed., pp. 95-121, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1986.

  • P.-J. Chung, J. B\"{o}hme, A. O. Hero and C. Mecklenbrauker
    "Detection of the number of signals using a hypothesis test," .pdf , Proceedings of IEEE SAM Workshop, to appear 2004..

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