iPlane: An Information Plane for Distributed Services

iPlane is a scalable service providing accurate predictions of Internet path performance for emerging overlay services. Unlike the more common black box latency prediction techniques in use today, iPlane builds a structural model of the Internet. We construct an annotated map of the Internet and predict end-to-end performance by composing measured performance of segments of known Internet paths. This method allows us to accurately and efficiently predict latency, bandwidth, capacity and loss rates between arbitrary Internet hosts. We have studied the feasibility and utility of the iPlane service by applying it to several representative overlay services in use today: content distribution, swarming peer-to-peer filesharing, and voice-over-IP. In each case, we observe that using iPlane's predictions leads to a significant improvement in end user performance.

The various components we have built as part of our experimental research prototype of iPlane are: One of our primary objectives in building iPlane's prototype is to minimize the number of measurements performed in constructing the Internet's PoP-level topology. For example, we issue a traceroute from each traceroute server only once every 5 minutes. Much of the software currently used in our research prototype of iPlane is still in an experimental phase, and we are constantly working on optimizing our measurements.

Datasets: Historical traceroute data is available here and at the RIPE mirror. Contact Harsha for any queries related to iPlane's data.

Query Interface: Here is the documentation for the query interface to iPlane. If you would like to query iPlane as part of your application, please send mail to Harsha.