Journal Papers

  • F. Harirchi and N. Ozay, “Guaranteed Model-Based Fault Detection in Cyber-Physical Systems: A Model Invalidation Approach”, submitted for journal publication. {Preprint}

Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers

  • E. Jacobsen, F. Harirchi, S.Z. Yong and N. Ozay, “Optimal Input Design for Affine Model Discrimination with Applications in Intention-Aware Vehicles”, Submitted to CDC 2017. {Preprint}

  • F. Harirchi, S.Z. Yong, E. Jacobsen and N. Ozay, “Active Model Discrimination with Applications to Fraud Detection in Smart Buildings”, To appear in IFAC World Congress, Toulouse, France, 2017.

  • F. Harirchi, T.L. Vincent and D. Yang, “Effect of Bonus Payments in Cost Sharing Mechanism Design for Renewable Energy Aggregation”, In proceedings of Conference on Decision and Control (CDC2016). {Preprint with full proofs}

  • F. Harirchi, Z. Luo, N. Ozay, “Model (In)validation and Fault Detection for Systems with Polynomial State-Space Models”, In proceedings of American Control Conference (ACC2016). (Best Presentation in Session Award) {Preprint}

  • F.Harirchi, P. Radparvar, H. Abrishami Moghaddam, M.Gitti, “Introduction and Application of the TRA-SVM Algorithm on MCs Detection”, 18th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE 2010).

Ph.D. Thesis