University of Michigan

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow January 2015 - present

    • Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)

      • Developing guaranteed fault detection and isolation (FDI) schemes.

      • Proposing tractable approaches to implement FDI schemes.

      • Studying distributed FDI approaches for large-scale CPS, i.e. power networks.

      • implementing such approaches in an open-source Matlab toolbox MI4Hybrid.

      • Developing aircraft electric power testbed in Prof. Ozay’s lab.

Colorado School of Mines

  • Research Assistant May 2011 - present (2015 Outstanding Research Award of the EECS department at CSM)

    • Run to run control on photolithography process for semiconductor manufacturing process.

      • Studying the unobservable conditions in non-threaded control.

      • Solving the structured and experiment based unobservability.

      • Proposing Information filter structure for window-based runs.

      • Finding the correlated states and replace them.

    • Game Theory in Smart Grids

      • Proposing an efficient payment sharing mechanism for renewable energy aggregation.

      • Studying the effect of storage in the problem.

  • Teaching Assistant August 2010 - April 2011

    • Information systems

    • Communication systems

  • President of IRASA (Iranian Student Association) February 2011 - October 2013

    • Upgraded tier from first(lowest) to third (the top) in two consecutive years.

    • Managed to hold one of the biggest international ceremonies at CSM for Persian new year 2013, with more than 400 attendants.

    • Won the prize for managing to host the best monthly event for international students from the office of International Student and Scholar Services.

K. N. Toosi University of Technology

  • Research Assistant August 2007- July 2010

    • Microcalcification Detection in Mammograms.

    • Detection of scalp and skull in newborn’s MRI.

    • Texture-based ILD diagnosis in lung HRCT images.

K. N. Toosi University of Technology

  • Undergraduate Researcher September 2005- February 2006

    • Design and implementation of an On-line Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Dade ara Co

  • R&D Engineer March 2006- August 2007

    • Bank Queue System Design and Development.