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You can easily access publications of the EECS control faculty here. Note that we encourage non-EECS majors to apply for grad school. Our official web page is here. It is worth visiting also the College of Engineering Control Home Page . We have a very active seminar series, which can be found on this home page. We hvae a very extensive set of Control Courses that are offered very regularly.

Control Systems Laboratory
EECS Department
University of Michigan
1301 Beal Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2122

Information for Prospective Graduate Students

  • Control Courses
  • For information on how to apply, required GPA, suggested GRE scores, financial aid, etc., see Graduate Admissions.
  • We encourage applications from non EECS majors! Students with bachelors degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Mathematics have been very successful and valuable members of our graduate program. The Ph.D. qualifying examination does NOT test over undergraduate EE courses, with the exception of undergraduate control systems (e.g., SISO root locus and frequency domain design methods). All material on the qualifying exam can be covered in first year graduate courses.
  • It is pointless to email individual faculty seeking financial aid or special dispensation for admissions. Please follow the procedures stated at the departmental Graduate Admissions web site.

EECS Control Faculty

For more information, please visit our individual web sites.

Adjunct Control Faculty

Research Areas

The control faculty span a wide swath of control systems theory (e.g., Biological Systems, Discrete-Event Systems, Multi-Agent Systems, Multivariable Linear Systems, Nonlinear Systems, and Stochastic Systems) as well as engineering practice (e.g., Automotive Systems, Manufacturing Systems, Networks, and Robotics). Our primary home page is here: EECS Control Systems Laboratory We are part of the EECS Systems Laboratory.

Control Activity at Michigan is College Wide

The control systems activity at Michigan is very interdisciplinary and moves easily across traditional departmental boundaries. We have many cross-listed courses and joint research projects with faculty throughout the College of Engineering and other units on campus. Please visit the College of Engineering Control Home Page . We have a very active seminar series, which can be found on this home page.