IEEE-CDC Workshop (1/2 Day): Feedback Control of Biped Walking Robots

December 7, 2003

Organizers: J. W. Grizzle, University of Michigan, and C. Canudas-de-Wit, Laboratoire d'Automatique de Grenoble

Additional Participants: E.R. Westervelt, The Ohio State University, M.W. Spong, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Anton Shiriaev, University of Umea, Sweeden

Summary: Over the past several years, a group of people in the control community have begun to investigate the systematic design of feedback controllers for bipedal robots, with emphasis on careful model formulation and analysis of the stability properties of the closed-loop system. This workshop brought together five of these researchers to present their work in a tutorial fashion to the control community. The first three lectures were centered around RABBIT, a particular planar, underactuated, biped that was specifically designed to advance the fundamental understanding of controlled legged locomotion. The last lecture presented a detailed discussion of the notion of passive walking and its relation to passivity-based and hybrid nonlinear control.

Robots studied in the workshop. Schedule and available on-line material are given below.
(RABBIT) (Passivity Based Control)


Available Material