I consider teaching to be an important (and fun!) part of my role in the traditional university system. I accepted several formal teaching responsibilities during both my undergraduate and graduate studies:

Fall 2015 EECS 301 Introduction to Probability Discussion Instructor
Winter 2015 EECS 216 Signals and Systems Lab Instructor
Winter 2010 AEP 1200 Introduction to Nanoengineering Lab Instructor


My favorite method of teaching is through one-on-one tutoring. I have found through experience that teaching is usually most effective when conducted via tailored interactions between teacher and student. While instructors may find it more efficient to disseminate information through lecture to a large audience, I find that students typically learn more quickly and thoroughly through a mixture of private instruction and independent study. I find deep satisfaction in tutoring, and I intend to continue educating in this capacity for as long as I can.

I began tutoring as a physics tutor at the Learning Strategies Center at Cornell University, where I worked part-time during my latter three undergraduate years. Upon graduating Cornell, I continued tutoring independently, and have since tutored over 50 students of diverse backgrounds and disciplines. For more up-to-date information about my tutoring interests, please visit my tutoring profile.