The students of EECS 351, Digital Signal Processing, Fall 2016 did a final group project to display their DSP skills. The results of the projects can be found at the following links.

1. Language Differentiation and Classification
Matt Barnett, Ryan Danko, Brenton DeGeer, Dhara Patel

2. Facial Recognition and Image Filtering
Angela Brown, Josh Fitzpatrick, Jula Kerst

3. Voice Translator
Ian Calloway, Heming Han, Seth Raker, Samuel Tenka

4. License Plate Detection
Matt Carlson, Deven Kishore, Nick Kizy, David Moody

5. Note Detection and Music Transcription
Sarah Chen, Jean Yves Ishimwe, Fatima Villa Gonzalez, Henry Wang

6. Voice Accent Conversion
James Connelly, Paul Reggentin, Vikram Sachdeva

7. Digital Watermarking
Tom Cummings, Yuchen Liu, Caleb Ramseyer

8. Image Processing: Applying Styles to Images
Thomas Deeds, Yiting Luo, Lauren Peterson

9. Automatic Geolocation of Aerial Photography
Paul Domanico, Colin Wagner, Jihong Wang, Frank Zhong

10. Language Identification
Allen Du, Calvin Shih, Saad Khatri

11. Image Processing and Cross-Stitch Patterns
Gabrielle Guarino, Seth Perrin, Drew Hanley

12. Plant Identification and Placement
Maria Karstens, Adrianna Pierce, Shivani Shah

13. Speaker Diarization (Classification of Different Speakers)
Robert Malinas, Samuel Rohrer

14. EECS Class Recommendations
Hannah Noble, Andrew Pearl, Jason VandenBerg