The students of EECS 351, Digital Signal Processing, Fall 2015 did a final group project to display their DSP skills. The results of the projects can be found at the following links.

1. SPEECS. Hana Baker, Kullen Hutchison, Siddharth Venkatesan

2. How old is your voice? Wenbo Bao, Jiaqing Bu, Qiufeifei Meng

3. DSP Audio Effects Project. Kishan Patel, Philip Brown

4. Audio Processing: Exploring Dynamic Range Compression. Kenny Carlsen, Avery Bruni, Lena Sutter

5. Music Visualization. Junjie Dong, Chenpei Xi, Wenxiao Jiang

6. Autotrebles. Kyle Faulkner, Genevieve Flaspohler, Kyle Harman

7. Gesture Recognition. Zidong Li, Chen Fu, Chuxi Wei

8. Sounds and Touchdowns. Jeffery Gunn, Zachary Shopshire

9. Chord Analysis. Alex Ying, Brian Ha, Maxime Lawton

10. Analyzing ECG Using Wavelets. Andrew LaPlaunt, Christian Parritt, Christopher Shih

11. Video Fingerprint Development. Josu Etxezarreta, Iņigo Jauregi

12. Decoding Finger Movements from Motor Cortex Potentials. Thai-Son Nguyen, Walker Thompson

13. Speech and Speaker Recognition. Tianhao Shao, Srividhya Sridhar, Jiapeng Zhao.

14. Panorama. Haochen Ye, Yuantong Yu, Haobo Zhao.