EECS 755, Topics in Signal Processing: Model-based image reconstruction methods

F13, Prof. Jeff Fessler

MW 10:30AM-Noon, 3433 EECS

This course will cover advanced topics in image reconstruction including inverse problems, sparsity, compressed sensing, and optimization, with applications in image denoising, deblurring, super-resolution, tomography, MRI, etc. The tools apply to many inverse problems, especially imaging problems, and application content will be in part adapted to student interests.

It may be helpful for you to download the first chapter(s) before the first lecture.
  1. Course policies
  2. Lecture topics (evolving list)
  3. Matlab toolbox for image reconstruction
  4. Book chapters (UM access via cosign)
  5. Homework
  6. Project
  7. Demo code

Office Hours ( 4431 EECS )
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