Zhengyuan Dong 董政元

I am an undergraduate student of UM-SJTU Joint Institute (Class 2020). I spent two years at Shanghai Jiaotong University majoring in ECE, and am now pursuing my dual degree in computer science at University of Michigan, where I work on computer vision research with David Fouhey. My research interest lies in computer vision and deep learning, with a particular focus on video understanding.

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442proj A Unified Pipeline for Multiple Object Tracking
Zhengyuan Dong, Yue Wu
Course Project, EECS442 Computer Vision, Winter 2019

We implemented the MOT algorithm proposed in paper Joint Detection and Online Multi-Object Tracking in Pytorch, and improved its performance by replacing the association stage in its pipeline with technique in paper Simple Online and Real-time Tracking with a Deep Association Metric.

eecslogo Instructional Aide, EECS442 Fall 2019
Instructor: Prof. David Fouhey