[1] Using Social Media to Measure Labor Market Flows [or via NBER site]
Dolan Antenucci, Michael J. Cafarella, Margaret C. Levenstein, Chistopher Ré, Matthew D. Shapiro. NBER Working Paper no. 20010.

Note: this paper is targeted to an Economics audience, but computer scientists will find most of it easy to understand. This is a so-called "working paper" for which there is no real equivalent in Computer Science. Working papers in Economics are a commonplace method for sharing scholarly information and are usually of a very high standard. However, this document has not gone through a formal peer review process.
[2] Ringtail: A Generalized Nowcasting System
Dolan Antenucci, Erdong Li, Shaobo Liu, Bochun Zhang, Michael J. Cafarella, Chistopher Ré. VLDB Demo 2013.
[3] Ringtail: Feature Selection for Easier Nowcasting
Dolan Antenucci, Michael J. Cafarella, Margaret C. Levenstein, Christopher Ré, Matthew D. Shapiro. WebDB 2013.
[4] Brainwash: A data system for feature engineering
Michael Anderson, Dolan Antenucci, Victor Bittorf, Matthew Burgess, Michael Cafarella, Arun Kumar, Feng Niu, Yongjoo Park, Christopher Ré, Ce Zhang. CIDR 2013.


[1] University of Michigan Economic Indicators from Social Media
Forecasts U.S. Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance using activity on social media.


[1] The Economist, WSJ, Washington Post, Slate, Boston Globe, and have published short articles about our work on social media and labor market flows