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Unix Tutorials

a page of more webpages from Texas it includes a vi tutorial

a true tutorial from England

a site from New Mexico focussing on the basic vocabulary

a site from Florida focussing on Unix's features (like redirection)

another site, from Idaho, focussing on Unix's features

Vi tutorials

vi is my personal fav for text editing. It's especially good for program writing/editing (just hit the "%" character several times in the command mode while editing a program to see why). A search of vi tutorials on the web will invariably find sites devoted to vi haters. So, I looked for a few ones that were serious....

very quick, to the point, and short

a bit more complete

this one has a link to more tutorials

For tutorials on other text editors, a web search on, say "emacs tutorial" will likely turn up good stuff

If you ever need to contact me for any reason, the best by far is email.

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