Sunrise on Druid Arch, Needles District, Canyonlands Nation Park, 2018

Sunset from Tornillo Creek, Big Bend National Park, Dec 2017

Sunset from the Willow Tank trail, BBNP, Dec 2017

Sunrise over the Sierra Quemada from the Mesa de Anguila, Big Bend National Park, March 2017

Sunset behind Mule Ears, Big Bend National Park, Feb. 2017

Sunrise over Mount Blanca, from the SW ridge of Conejos Peak, South San Juan Wilderness, 2016

Sunset, Everglades National Park, 2015

Sunset, south coast of Iceland, 2014

Sunset, Sunset Lake, Teton Crest Trail, 2013

Sunset, Crabtree Lake, John Muir Wilderness, 2012