EECS 545 Final Project Report Guidelines

The final report for your 545 project is due Friday, Dec. 16, at noon. It should no more than 10 pages in length (including figures and tables), plus references (not included in the page count), and should follow the same formatting guidelines as the proposal (12 pt font, 1 inch margins, single spacing allowed). In plots and figures, please don't rely too heavily on colors to convey information; I have various forms of colorblindness including red-green. Please submit both

The report should represent the complete work for your project. In other words, I am not next expecting you to perform additional investigations for the poster. In all likelihood, I will have graded your reports before the poster session.

Your report should be written to an audience of one (me). Therefore you need not provide lengthy explanations of background material on methods we covered in class. On the other hand, even if you know I am familiar with the literature in a certain area, I expect to see proper discussions of related work with citations.

As a reminder, the project will be evaluated as follows (from the project description): "Your project should be an open-ended investigation into some area not covered in the course. Furthermore, every project should make some original contribution to machine learning methodology, the application of machine learning to real world problems, or (preferably) both. Projects will be graded based on originality, execution, and the quality of the poster and written presentations. Your project does not need to be publishable research, but you cannot simply redo what someone else has already done. There should be some degree of exploration and innovation. You should not be asking "What is the bare minimum I need to do to get a good grade?", but rather "How can I make this project as interesting as possible?" "

Every report should address the following (but don't feel obligated to make these the section headings)

Please keep the following points in mind