TL;DR: Pronounce my name as Buh-rish and it is good enough.

Interested in an exact solution? Read on.

The correct spelling of my name is Barış. It means peace in Turkish. The exact pronounciation of my name is as follows:

However, it is hard for people to pronounce my name as a native Turkish speaker would (Although Romanians come close, because, as I understand, they have all the similar sounds).

Fun fact - 1: My dear student Kevin Loughlin invented a version of my name where he pronounces the “Buh” as “Beh”, and so there is a variant of my name people pronounce as Beh-reesh. That sounds strange to me, but I am trained to recognize so many pronounciations of my name at this point.

Fun fact - 2: My compatriot Işıl Dillig wisely suggested that I add a name pronounciation guide to my website. This was prompted by the Zoom transcription of my name after a lecture, where the following was produced as a transcription of how I pronounced my name:

Butterscotch structure
Butch cushy job
Bears parish

Lastname you ask? I’d say forget about it, but if you are feeling really adventurous, here is how to pronounce it: